RLP-1Leslie will be teaching astrology workshops at the below locations:

January 31- Feb. 7th, 2015            RANCHO LA PUERTA SPA – Tecate, Mexico

July 25 – August 1, 2015                   RANCHO LA PUERTA SPA – Tecate, Mexico

Also please stay contact for information about the upcoming beginner’s astrology webinar

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  1. Leslie, what a beautiful picture of you!! Please add me to your list for any workshops etc.

    • Hi Cindy….I will soon be doing a beginner’s astrology class as a webinar.
      Will make sure to send you the information!

  2. Jane Kellogg and I are VERY interested in your webinar, Leslie

  3. Hi, I am in Nicks CVP program and also an astrologer, I use it for my life choices, love it! I’m wondering what you charge for readings, especially focused on creativity. Love to chat with you!

  4. Hi Leslie,

    I have been thinking about you as I settle into life in New Orleans. Hope your move went smoothly and that you are all settled in. Any workshops coming up in Florida……..I’m close now and more accessible….OR in New Orleans!!! Hugs

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