May 052013

Does astrology  work for pets too?  The answer is yes!  Anything that has a birthday, time and place can have an astrology chart drawn up.  In other words, anything that is birthed….which could include a pet, a new company, a country, or a new relationship etc.  When I got my Norfolk Terrier puppy, back in the early 1990’s, I did his chart even before I met him.  I saw that his chart with mine was all very  intense and not exactly easy.  However, I fell in love, and named him Pekay, after a favorite character in the novel THE POWER OF ONE.  Pekay got Lymes Disease when he was a year old, and after that he was never the same.  He became a very intense dog with soulful eyes.  I loved him deeply, but it wasn’t exactly a fun and easy relationship.    I believe we have to do what we feel is best in each moment, and I never want astrology to rule my life.  However the chart comparison between Pekay’s chart and mine was accurate. I have no regrets, but as one of my friends says, “If it’s not easy, then I don’t want it.”  There is some wisdom there.  But no matter what,  go with your gut and your intuition.