Jul 102013

With Andy Murray’s win, at last weekend’s Wimbledon final, it was a big moment for British tennis history.  His astrology chart is unique.  His Moon is in Sagittarius conjunct (which means next to) Saturn, Uranus and Neptune!  Those outer planets, next to a Moon, bring both great difficulties and great gifts.  However, you pretty much have to earn those blessings. They are a mixed bag of energies, and it is up to the individual to use the best manifestations of those energies.  Since his Moon is touched by those outer planets, and the Moon represents the mother, we can see he has a complicated relationship with his mother. ( I found it facinating that after hugging his team, he forgot his mom.  He had to turn around, once he realized his mistake.)  When I use the word “complicated” it does not mean negative.  His mom is probably a major reason he has done so well. She is a very intense woman, and this shows in his chart. All of us have mothers, and the way we experience our mothers is revealed in our natal chart. Andy’s emotional life is not simple.  Every time he has an emotional situation, Saturn (the task master) beats him up, and tells him to do better.  Then he has Uranus (think of the mad scientist in Back To The Future) making him want to emotionally explode.  Then he has Neptune (the wizard) making him emotionally dreamy and super intuitive, and sometimes confused. You can read some of these emotional changes on his face when he plays tennis.  His Mercury (the planet of communication) is at the top of his chart, where he meets the world. It is very strong.  I suspect he will become a very successful tennis commentator at some point in his career. Only time will tell!










Jun 192013

ares_aphro_1Mars for everybody shows how you move forward, and how you expresses desires.  If you want to hire someone to get a job done in a steady manner, look for Mars in an earth sign. They tend to be very hard working, and good at practical details.  Whereas if Mars is in an air sign, they can float around a bit more.  Always think of the elements when looking at a chart.  How does air move?  It is flowing here, there, and everywhere. They are better suited for jobs that require flexibility. Whereas, a bull or a goat (earth animals) move in a mostly predictable fashion.  Mars in your chart is basically screaming out “I WANT THIS!”….whether it is an ambition, sex, or whatever.  Your Mars, both in sign and aspects, also shows how your sexual energy is stimulated.  In my last posting, I mentioned that Mars in a woman’s chart shows what type of man she is physically attracted to.  Mars in a man’s chart will show how he will want to assert his masculinity, and impress someone.  For example, take Mars in Gemini in a man’s chart.  How might someone like this try to impress you?  In a Gemini way!  He’d love to use words, and his intellect, to cleverly seduce you.  If a man has Mars in Leo, he might try to impress you in a dramatic Leo style, such as, “Let’s go to the Four Seasons for dinner!”  So remember that Venus has more to do with your emotional needs and Mars is more about your physical needs.

Jun 112013


Every woman has a male (Mars) energy inside of her.  Just as every man has a female (Venus) energy inside of him.
The placement of Venus in a woman’s chart shows you how that woman needs to be loved. For example,  if a woman has Venus in Gemini, she likes lots of communication. She operates from needing a mental connection. If it is in Leo, she needs dramatic expressions of love, and some degree of luxury for good measure.  Each Zodiac sign signifies a different approach to the woman’s basic love nature.  For a man, his Venus shows you what type of female he is attracted to.  So, if he has Venus in Scorpio, he needs someone who is comfortable with her eroticism.  If he has Venus in Libra, he wants a woman who is very refined and classy.  You can see how useful this information is!  If you are not feeding your partner’s basic love nature (which might be very different from your own) then things can get rocky.  Mars in a woman’s chart shows you what type of man turns her on.  If a woman has Mars in Aries, she needs a fiery athletic man.  If she has Mars in Pisces, she requires a man who is soft and gentle.  In my next posting I will explain more about the Mars energy.  Always remember, Mars represents male energy and how one moves forward in life.  Venus represents the female energy and how we want to express love.