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I believe that your birth chart is like the owner’s manual in your car’s glove compartment.  The chart gives you very precise ways to make sure your life is operating at the highest level possible.  My approach is to help you understand the patterns at work within your life.  We are born with a certain kind of wiring.  My job is to help you figure out the best way to work with what you are.  There is always a solution and a way out, even for the most difficult charts, which are often the most beautiful in my opinion.  Those are the charts with richness and depth.

Each session is geared toward providing the most helpful support for whatever circumstances you are currently facing. If given the correct birth time, date and place, I believe my accuracy is close to 95%.  The sessions last 60 minutes.

An astrology reading can jump start your life, and save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

The natal chart is looked at in depth, followed by the transits.
(You can also request having another person’s chart looked at with yours)   Please provide:

Your Name
Place of Birth              (if requesting another person’s chart, please
Time of Birth                send their birth information as well)
Date of Birth

If you do not have your exact birth time, please contact us about rectifying your chart.

Please contact regarding pricing, and scheduling.

Please also check out for more information about Leslie’s work.

The sessions are recorded and emailed to you within 48 hours.

The below symbols are useful to have, if you would like to learn how to read your chart during your session with Leslie.


  18 Responses to “private readings”

  1. Hi Leslie! I hope that you had a good trip home. Ed and I really enjoyed chatting with you last week, and getting to know you beyond the professional side of you. What a wonderful week!! We were so impressed with your Astrology talk that we both would like to have readings done.


  2. Hi Leslie!

    Great to meet you at the Ranch last week! Karen & I miss being there already!! Yes, I’d like to schedule a private reading with you, and have you create my natal chart.



  3. Hi for Whitefish..hope you got home safely for the Ranch.

    Let me know how to proceed ! Shelly

  4. Hi Leslie,

    I enjoyed listening to you and meeting you at the Ranch last week. You bring such a bright energy, it is contagious. I especially am intrigued with the psychological profile approach you take to astrology (thus, this topic finally caught my interest) and would love to talk more about how that fits with the other assessments out there (DISC, MBTI, Predictive Ind., Caliper, Enneagram, etc.)

    How do I schedule time with you – for both a private reading and exploring the above?

    thanks much,
    Siempre Mejor!


  5. Hi Leslie

    I’d like to schedule a private reading.


  6. Leslie
    So special to meet you and attend all your workshops at Rancho LaPuerto! What a gift from you for the small group session on that last Friday .

    My private session helped me understand things about myself I just did not know before ! Every time I listen to that recording I learn something else! Let’s do my girls charts soon!!

  7. hi Leslie,
    It was so awesome spending time with you last week at the Rancho!
    I am in such awe of your wisdom and insights into astrology.
    I would like to make an appointment for a reading with you wherever it works for you.
    Hugs (Lola) Dolores Forsythe

  8. Tracy, I would like to ask you some questions about doing my chart.
    Could I contact you by phone, and could you provide the number or I could give you mine.
    Let me know what works better for you! Thank you Stella

  9. I would like a reading but I have no idea when I was born. My mom died before I was three.

    I am facing difficulties in life being disabled with cns lyme disease and having a son disabled as well

    I was looking at rancho for a visit. I am thinking perhaps a private reading would be best. What is the cost? Is is done over the phone etc.

    Thank you for your time.

  10. I was wondering how much a reading would be. I was born 11:11am on March3, 1957 in Brighton, Massachusetts.

  11. Hi what are your rates for a private reading?

  12. Hello Leslie,

    I heard you on Coast to Coast am on Thursday September 15, 2016. I love what you do….so fascinating! I would like to have a reading for myself and my daughter. We would schedule separately but I would like to purchase her session as a gift.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

  13. Hi there! I would like to get a private reading. Please tell me the cost….and is there a number to call to schedule a reading?

  14. I would like a reading with Leslie. I live in Vero Beach.
    Happy Easter!

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