Sep 182018

Think about joining me in Todos Santos Mexico Feb 23-28th, 2019!  I am one of the organizers of The Gathering of Joy experiences.  The first one was launched at Rancho La Puerta last year and it was a huge success.  Now we are planning another amazing experience, with fantastic speakers (of course I am one of them:) and life changing moments of joy.

The Gathering of Joy is designed to create a community of people moved to cultivate joy in their life and, more importantly, in the lives of others.

Our next adventure in transformational travel takes us to Baja once again, with our home base in the beautiful Todos Santos, to connect to ideas, nature and one other.

The signature moment of this experience is the opportunity to swim alongside the largest “fish” on the planet– the beautiful and docile whale shark.  You’ll make deep connections with a captivating group of changemakers and change-seekers. We’ll spend our days engaged with the local environment, enjoying nature to its fullest, as we journey deeper into JOY. We’ll enjoy delicious meals, inspiring entertainment, storytelling, and an opportunity for some yoga (all levels), meditation, community service, cultural experiences and much more.  Email me directly if interested.  The early bird price is $2,750 double occupancy and includes meals, lodging and all the experiences.

Mar 012018

A B 1440Multiversity_SocialMedia_CampusHello everyone!

My blog had to take a back seat for a spell as I was consumed all summer and fall with moving from Vero Beach to Hobe Sound.  Now I am back in action, and happy to announce a bunch of awesome teaching opportunities that have come my way.

The first is the weekend of May 4-6 at 1440 Multiversity near Santa Cruz, CA.  It is such a big honor for me to be teaching here, amongst other presenters like Elizabeth Gilbert, Martha Beck, and Bruce Lipton.

The Quest For Inspiration is all about increasing joy, and allowing life to unfold in miraculous ways.  After this weekend, your life circumstances will change in ways you may not have thought possible.  I will share my proven formulas to accelerate creative thinking.   I’ve been teaching the Quest for Inspiration at Rancho La Puerta for over 18 years, as well as presenting in the corporate world, and at TEDx Hollywood CA.  But this is the first time people can take this class for just $315 and get a whole weekend of awesome juju with a bunch of like minded people.  It’s going to be a blast!  Hope you can sign up today!

Also if you have never been to Rancho La Puerta, I will be teaching there the week of June 23-30th.  If you are a first timer, and you mention my name, you will get 5% off the best rate, plus a $250 gift certificate, and room upgrade if available.  The mountains of Baja are wonderful in the summer. If you prefer cooler weather, think about joining me the week of November 3rd, where I will be talking about the connection between astrology and the food we eat.  This is a special event through La Cocina Que Canta, the Ranch’s magical cooking school where you go out into the garden and gather your food.

If you live in San Diego, I am the featured speaker at A Day of Namaste with the amazing yoga genius, Stacy McCarthy on April 8th.

If you are interested in any of the above, I hope you will be in touch!



Aug 112017

This month of August is incredibly potent.  The eclipse on August 21st will be felt especially by anyone who has planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.  My ascendant is at 27 degrees of Leo so this eclipse falls directly on my “front door”.  Stay tuned!  I will give a report next month and let you know what happened.  Remember that all eclipses amplify.  So whatever is going on in your life, will just get more intense.  Remember this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  Sometimes these strong celestial energies deliver powerful good news and a lot of grace.  The double whammy for this event is that Mercury is also retrograde at the same time.  I was born with Mercury retrograde, so this month is super duper juiced up for me.   If you want to know more about the planet Mercury and whether you were born during Mercury retrograde, check out my book THE POWER OF MERCURY, which was published by Harper Collins last September.  It is a very useful guide for understanding all your relationships, because you can look up your Mercury sign and compare it to another person’s.  Originally I was going to call this book THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF ROMANCE, as I know this book is a valuable manual for anyone who is single.  If you can’t communicate with your partner, you want to know this early on!  Enjoy the power of this eclipse, and expect change.


Dec 162016

cover-for-xmasHappy Holidays!  As many of you know, I have been extremely busy working on my new book, THE POWER OF MERCURY.  It has arrived!  Harper Collins published it in September, and at the same time I did my TED Talk on “THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WRONG” in Hollywood CA.  I was also interviewed on COAST TO COAST radio, The Jenny McCarthy Show, Elle and Best Self Magazines and many others.  I created this book to help people understand why some people are easier for us to get along with than others.  I am not a big believer in using Sun Signs to determine compatibility.  I think the quickest way to find out if you click with someone is to find out how they communicate, how they process thoughts, what type of humor works for them, etc.   One needs to know a person’s Mercury Sign to truly understand their inner workings.  The first third of the book is about my history with astrology and how I believe it works.  The second part is about Mercury Retrograde, and why it is so important to know whether you were born during Mercury Retrograde….which my book will tell you!  The final third is about looking up your Mercury Sign and comparing it to the Mercury Signs of the people you share your life with.  I believe this book should be one of those books always by your bed.  Use it as reference guide to help you understand the people surrounding you.  If you are in the dating world, this book will save you from a lot of wondering.  You can also visit my newly designed website, where you can click on a Mercury calculator.  Just plug in anyone’s birthdate, and you will know their Mercury sign.  Also, the TED talk link is on my site.  Many of my clients have asked me to write about the results of this election.  Stay tuned!  But in the meantime, think about ordering my book for holiday gift giving!  Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to everyone!


Jul 192016

0fed02d20b9513f3f3b12fcd27b79d2dIf anyone is interested in visiting Rancho La Puerta this summer, consider coming the week of August 27th, 2016!  I will be at this gorgeous Mexican spa until September 3rd teaching astrology.  If you want to come, email me directly to get 5% off the best rate, plus a $250 gift certificate and a room upgrade if available. The summer is my favorite time at the Ranch.  Lots of outdoor dining, pool activities, and relatively cool weather compared to Florida.  The high mountain climate keeps things pleasant.  Hope to see you there!

Sep 302015




Brain-ScanRecently, I did a reading for a woman in her late 50’s who had two aspects in her chart indicating physical trauma.  The first was Pluto square her Mars.  The second was Saturn opposite her Sun.  I asked her if she had ever been physically attacked.  She told me that when she was 7, a gang of boys beat her up on the way to school.  This brutal attack led to a whole host of emotional issues, around not feeling safe. Many of you know I am a big fan of EMDR therapy.  I suggested this therapy for my client.  I told her that by physically going into the brain, and releasing this early trauma, her current life issues would become more manageable.  I believe past wounds influence our current life situations. I am all about healing bad memories so we can move forward.  Scientists have done scans of the brain, before and after EMDR therapy.  The brain actually changes after doing EMDR, and the patient is able to release traumas that get physically stuck inside the body.  There is a new book, that just came out, that explains what EMDR is, and how it works.  Even more importantly, it explains the spiritual side of the healing process. Anyone who is interested in removing any traumas, or any unwanted patterns of thinking, should read this book. The title is UNBURDENING SOULS AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT, by Dr. Andrew Dobo. EMDR works quickly, and in my opinion, more efficiently that regular talk therapy.  The reason for this is that EMDR works at the physical level of the brain.  If any of you have experienced EMDR therapy, let me know how it helped.  Please spread the word that there is hope out there for folks who are going through difficult times.