Aug 112017

This month of August is incredibly potent.  The eclipse on August 21st will be felt especially by anyone who has planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.  My ascendant is at 27 degrees of Leo so this eclipse falls directly on my “front door”.  Stay tuned!  I will give a report next month and let you know what happened.  Remember that all eclipses amplify.  So whatever is going on in your life, will just get more intense.  Remember this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  Sometimes these strong celestial energies deliver powerful good news and a lot of grace.  The double whammy for this event is that Mercury is also retrograde at the same time.  I was born with Mercury retrograde, so this month is super duper juiced up for me.   If you want to know more about the planet Mercury and whether you were born during Mercury retrograde, check out my book THE POWER OF MERCURY, which was published by Harper Collins last September.  It is a very useful guide for understanding all your relationships, because you can look up your Mercury sign and compare it to another person’s.  Originally I was going to call this book THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF ROMANCE, as I know this book is a valuable manual for anyone who is single.  If you can’t communicate with your partner, you want to know this early on!  Enjoy the power of this eclipse, and expect change.


Dec 162016

cover-for-xmasHappy Holidays!  As many of you know, I have been extremely busy working on my new book, THE POWER OF MERCURY.  It has arrived!  Harper Collins published it in September, and at the same time I did my TED Talk on “THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WRONG” in Hollywood CA.  I was also interviewed on COAST TO COAST radio, The Jenny McCarthy Show, Elle and Best Self Magazines and many others.  I created this book to help people understand why some people are easier for us to get along with than others.  I am not a big believer in using Sun Signs to determine compatibility.  I think the quickest way to find out if you click with someone is to find out how they communicate, how they process thoughts, what type of humor works for them, etc.   One needs to know a person’s Mercury Sign to truly understand their inner workings.  The first third of the book is about my history with astrology and how I believe it works.  The second part is about Mercury Retrograde, and why it is so important to know whether you were born during Mercury Retrograde….which my book will tell you!  The final third is about looking up your Mercury Sign and comparing it to the Mercury Signs of the people you share your life with.  I believe this book should be one of those books always by your bed.  Use it as reference guide to help you understand the people surrounding you.  If you are in the dating world, this book will save you from a lot of wondering.  You can also visit my newly designed website, where you can click on a Mercury calculator.  Just plug in anyone’s birthdate, and you will know their Mercury sign.  Also, the TED talk link is on my site.  Many of my clients have asked me to write about the results of this election.  Stay tuned!  But in the meantime, think about ordering my book for holiday gift giving!  Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to everyone!


Jul 192016

0fed02d20b9513f3f3b12fcd27b79d2dIf anyone is interested in visiting Rancho La Puerta this summer, consider coming the week of August 27th, 2016!  I will be at this gorgeous Mexican spa until September 3rd teaching astrology.  If you want to come, email me directly to get 5% off the best rate, plus a $250 gift certificate and a room upgrade if available. The summer is my favorite time at the Ranch.  Lots of outdoor dining, pool activities, and relatively cool weather compared to Florida.  The high mountain climate keeps things pleasant.  Hope to see you there!

Jul 172016
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To all my fellow Crabs out there….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Of all the Zodiac signs, we are probably the most sensitive.  We have that hard shell that protects our softness inside.  Slow to get angry, we will always dart back into our holes when we feel unsafe. If you pick on us, we will pinch you with our Crab claws, but it takes a lot for that to happen.  We are ruled by the Moon, which represents emotions.  Everything about us relates to our feelings.  You either love this sensitivy about a Crab or you find it smothering.   Most Crabs love hanging out with other Crabs.  We tend to intuitively “get” each other.  If you are a Crab out there, have you ever noticed you have a lot of Cancerian friends?  Make a comment below and tell me if you have noticed a preponderance of Crabby pals.


Mar 182016

Bernie SandersAccording to the astrology chart of Bernie Sanders, this is a man meant to be in service, which he has been for most of his life.  The most prominent quality in his chart is his intellect.  Bernie has a sharp mind.  Whether you like his viewpoints or not, no one can take away the fact that this man is extremely intelligent.  His intellect is the driving force behind his soul’s purpose.  His Mercury in Libra indicates a person who likes things to be fair and balanced.  Almost everything he talks about is wrapped up in the concept of fairness.  His Mercury trines (a positive aspect) both Saturn and Uranus.  This means he is able to have practical and visionary thoughts at the same time.  On top of that, his Mercury sextiles (another positive aspect) his Pluto, which indicates a deep thinker.   Any of us would be considered very lucky to be born with just one of these aspects.  The fact that he has all three is pretty impressive.  He is far more of an Aries in spirit, than a Virgo, which is his Sun sign. In fact, you barely get a sense that he is a soft and gentle Virgo. This is because his Moon and Mars are in Aries.  You can feel his Aries (fire) energy when he walks.  He is determined.  When he talks about what moves him, he is very fiery at an emotional level.  Anyone who has Moon and Mars in Aries does not stop. They are direct and forceful. They want to fix things.  For a man of his age, he is like a ram (the animal associated with Aries) as he puts his head down and charges forward.   Watch how he physically moves. He does not walk, he actually plows through space.  Bernie does not have any planets in water signs.  Whenever there is a missing element, there is a quality of genius to those individuals. However there is also that imbalance.   If you remember in an earlier post, I mentioned that Donald Trump does not have any earth in his chart.  So with Bernie, lacking water, it means he can sometimes appear dry and not overly emotional.  I would imagine that Bernie is not one to cry easily.  Everything with him is processed through that extremely active brain of his.  Emotions do not rule his actions. Logic does.  Bernie Sanders has an interesting combination of influences on his natal chart on Election Day. Uranus, the plant of shocking change will be on both his Moon and his Mars on November 8, 2016. Furthermore, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune will be on his Mercury and Venus in the area of career and large groups of people. Mercury, which is very strong in his chart, will be right on his Ascendant that day, which indicates public speaking.  Perhaps Hillary or Donald will make him their running mate?  Weirder things have happened this election season, so who knows!

Sep 302015




Brain-ScanRecently, I did a reading for a woman in her late 50′s who had two aspects in her chart indicating physical trauma.  The first was Pluto square her Mars.  The second was Saturn opposite her Sun.  I asked her if she had ever been physically attacked.  She told me that when she was 7, a gang of boys beat her up on the way to school.  This brutal attack led to a whole host of emotional issues, around not feeling safe. Many of you know I am a big fan of EMDR therapy.  I suggested this therapy for my client.  I told her that by physically going into the brain, and releasing this early trauma, her current life issues would become more manageable.  I believe past wounds influence our current life situations. I am all about healing bad memories so we can move forward.  Scientists have done scans of the brain, before and after EMDR therapy.  The brain actually changes after doing EMDR, and the patient is able to release traumas that get physically stuck inside the body.  There is a new book, that just came out, that explains what EMDR is, and how it works.  Even more importantly, it explains the spiritual side of the healing process. Anyone who is interested in removing any traumas, or any unwanted patterns of thinking, should read this book. The title is UNBURDENING SOULS AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT, by Dr. Andrew Dobo. EMDR works quickly, and in my opinion, more efficiently that regular talk therapy.  The reason for this is that EMDR works at the physical level of the brain.  If any of you have experienced EMDR therapy, let me know how it helped.  Please spread the word that there is hope out there for folks who are going through difficult times.


Aug 192015

The Donald was born on Flag Day:  June 14, 1946.  His astrology chart is intense.  When it is good, it is very good.  When it is bad……well, let me just say that Trump is a handful.  There’s a reason his parents sent him to a military academy when he was 13.  There was something uncontrollable about him then, and it is still true to this day.  From an astrological perspective, this out of control quality is because his Moon is in Sagittarius (FIRE), his Mars is in Leo (FIRE), and he’s totally missing the element of earth in his natal chart.  People who have Moon in Sagittarius are prone to being emotionally full frontal, without much regard for other people’s opinions.  To make matters worse, his Moon is opposite Uranus so the more people come at him, the more he will spew his fiery emotions.  Having Mars in Leo is one reason why people like him so much. Leo is like a king.  When a man has his Mars (his male energy) in Leo, there is a commanding presence.  When people are around this Leo energy, they feel like they are around royalty.  Since many politicians seem mamby pamby, Trump is like a strong male lion who walks onto the savannah and commands the attention of every living creature within miles.  Of course, with this presence and kind of power, people think he would be a great leader. There is some truth to this belief, because he knows how to stake out territory and hold his ground. I realize his Sun sign is Gemini (AIR), but he is far more of a Sagittarius (FIRE) and Leo (FIRE) kind of man. The lack of the earth element is always a sign of two things.  Either the person is totally grounded and on the earth, or they are just the opposite.  There is usually either total skill with money, or none at all.  Money is from the earth. Think of trees and coins, both come from the ground.  Earth is also about the body.  Many beauty queens share this lack of earth with Trump, like Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor.  Think of how fascinated the public has been with those women.  It’s also interesting that Trump owns the beauty pageants, and has been married to beauties.  He has a super fixation with beauty, because of this lack of earth.  We tend to focus on what we are missing.  So his focus is money and beautiful women. There is a part of his personality that needs both in order to feel balanced. But the biggest issue in his chart is his Mercury placement.  Trump’s Mercury sign is Cancer, which is a gentle and nice placement for the planet of communication.  However it is squaring Neptune, the planet of illusions and delusions.  Mercury square Neptune is often very difficult for other people to deal with.  It rarely bothers the person who has it, because they don’t even realize there is an issue.  Every time he opens his mouth, that planet Neptune is coloring his thinking and not in a good way.  There is a delusional quality to his thinking.  However it can also be visionary, which is yet another reason why people are attracted to him.  He has envisioned the future and people like what he describes.  This communication issue is not great for a future president. If he was to talk with world leaders about difficult topics, he would probably be as conspicuously abrasive as he is right now.  This characteristic would not change, and I fear it could be dangerous.  Also, Trump never apologizes.  When doing any kind of negotiations, it’s probably going to be his way and that’s it. Sometimes this is good, but when it isn’t it’s scary, especially if you hope our country doesn’t enter another war.  Always remember, that Donald Trump enjoys stirring things up.  He is certainly never boring!