Mar 182016

Bernie SandersAccording to the astrology chart of Bernie Sanders, this is a man meant to be in service, which he has been for most of his life.  The most prominent quality in his chart is his intellect.  Bernie has a sharp mind.  Whether you like his viewpoints or not, no one can take away the fact that this man is extremely intelligent.  His intellect is the driving force behind his soul’s purpose.  His Mercury in Libra indicates a person who likes things to be fair and balanced.  Almost everything he talks about is wrapped up in the concept of fairness.  His Mercury trines (a positive aspect) both Saturn and Uranus.  This means he is able to have practical and visionary thoughts at the same time.  On top of that, his Mercury sextiles (another positive aspect) his Pluto, which indicates a deep thinker.   Any of us would be considered very lucky to be born with just one of these aspects.  The fact that he has all three is pretty impressive.  He is far more of an Aries in spirit, than a Virgo, which is his Sun sign. In fact, you barely get a sense that he is a soft and gentle Virgo. This is because his Moon and Mars are in Aries.  You can feel his Aries (fire) energy when he walks.  He is determined.  When he talks about what moves him, he is very fiery at an emotional level.  Anyone who has Moon and Mars in Aries does not stop. They are direct and forceful. They want to fix things.  For a man of his age, he is like a ram (the animal associated with Aries) as he puts his head down and charges forward.   Watch how he physically moves. He does not walk, he actually plows through space.  Bernie does not have any planets in water signs.  Whenever there is a missing element, there is a quality of genius to those individuals. However there is also that imbalance.   If you remember in an earlier post, I mentioned that Donald Trump does not have any earth in his chart.  So with Bernie, lacking water, it means he can sometimes appear dry and not overly emotional.  I would imagine that Bernie is not one to cry easily.  Everything with him is processed through that extremely active brain of his.  Emotions do not rule his actions. Logic does.  Bernie Sanders has an interesting combination of influences on his natal chart on Election Day. Uranus, the plant of shocking change will be on both his Moon and his Mars on November 8, 2016. Furthermore, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune will be on his Mercury and Venus in the area of career and large groups of people. Mercury, which is very strong in his chart, will be right on his Ascendant that day, which indicates public speaking.  Perhaps Hillary or Donald will make him their running mate?  Weirder things have happened this election season, so who knows!

Aug 082015

I have exciting news!  Harper Collins bought my first astrology book! It will come out Sept 13, 2016. The Harper Collins team is fantastic and I feel very fortunate. They are already getting me out there, as you can see from this July 24th live interview on the San Diego Living show.  Let me know what you think!


May 012015

2015+-+March+-+Nemesis,+Ixion,+Sisyphus,+Pholus+-+Ixion+by+Hendrick+Gottzius+(Netherlandish+1558-1617)A client recently asked my opinion about the current retrograde movement of Pluto, which will be there until September 25, 2015. Whenever a planet appears to be going in reverse (even though it is not) it just means that this planet’s energies get more intense.  Pluto is all about digging for the truth.  Pluto wants us to transform. These are times to get rid of the outworn, outdated, and obsolete things in our lives. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth.  There is nothing easy about Pluto, so when it is retrograde it means hunkering in for some deep occurrences that will possibly make your life feel topsy turvy.  But remember, in the end, just like the caterpillar that thinks it is dying, there is always a butterfly that appears.

Mar 232015

Flamarion2One of my goals with astrology, is to make it easier to understand.  My background as a children’s book author and illustrator, has taught me how to keep things simple and entertaining.  I want to distill the wisdom of astrology into pieces that are digestable.  Over the years, many of my clients have expressed an interest in taking my beginner’s class in astrology.  Now, for the first time, you can watch me teach live (no matter where you live) or listen to the class at your leisure. This online webinar on astrology 101 starts this April.  I will be teaching with the Santa Fe based astrologer, Michael Bartlett.  We met at an astrology conference hosted by the world famous astrologer, Alan Oken.  In this webinar, you will learn about the different zodiac signs, the planets, the astrology wheel, and how it all works together.  If you want enough knowledge to help you with your day-to-day relationships, this is the class for you. Please visit us at, and click on the webinar to sign up.  Hope to “see” you in the class!


Jan 262015


The best way to find a good astrologer is to get recommendations from a friend.
Astrology is all about the interpretation. You could go to 50 different astrologers and they would all have a different “take” on your chart. It is a lot like reading music. Fifty musicians would all have their own style of playing the same music. A good astrologer will never predict your future. However, they call tell you the upcoming “weather” patterns. For certain, astrologers can see when storms are approaching, or when there will be long periods of sunshine. The client just needs to be prepared, but it doesn’t mean anything bad or good will necessarily happen. Certainly during the storms, things are not as easy. And during the sunny days we should “make hay while the sun shines”. Stay away from anyone who makes broad pronouncements like, “You will always have trouble finding a mate because of Saturn in your 7th house of marriage”. These are very damaging statements and not true. We are here to learn lessons. If you learn the lesson, you don’t have to learn that lesson again. The whole idea is to literally outgrow your chart. The chart just points to the lessons and to the gifts. We are to focus on the gifts, so we hopefully flow through life in an easy manner. And we are to learn the lessons so we can tick them off and never do them again.

Jan 222015

I just finished a reading for a client who had a significant astrological aspect indicating trauma.  As is often the case, the person said that nothing really bad had happened to them….that she could remember!  Another clue that there was trauma, was that she could not remember anything before the fifth grade.  The chart always tells the true story.  I have to be patient, and wait for the client to eventually reveal the memories.  What happens is that many people tend to bury the painful memories in order to survive.  Just as my client was preparing to leave, she remembered a trauma.  It was significant.  Sometimes as astrologers we just have to be patient, and allow the thoughts to percolate.  The beauty of astrology is that the chart will show things that a psychotherapist could never know.  A good astrologer has the ability to allow the truth to bubble to the surface for healing.  An astrologer can’t facilitate the healing, in the way that a therapist is trained to do, but an astrologer can find the root causes of many traumas.  I have always felt that astrology is fantastic to use in conjunction with psychotherapy, and especially in conjunction with my favorite tool for trauma – EMDR.  To find out more about EMDR, check out the videos of Dr. Andrew Dobo on You Tube.  Let me know if you’ve experienced EMDR and help spread the word about this amazing technique to help heal emotional wounds.  And don’t forget that Mercury went retrograde on January 21st.  Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, so wherever Aquarius is in your chart is where you will feel the “backward” motion.  It goes direct on February 11, so just mark it in your calendar.  (You can read earlier posts about Mercury retrograde to get the feeling tone of this period.)

Dec 242014

Adoration_of_the_Magi_Tapestry1Over 5,000 years ago, astrology evolved from the observations of celestial movement made by people dependent upon natural rhythms for their survival. They noticed that planetary movements had an influence on the timing for planting and harvesting. The ancient civilizations of the Akkadians and the Sumerians worshipped the star. Their astrological observations were further developed by the Babylonians into an astrological system.  The earliest artist renderings, depicted the constellations in the familiar animal and mythical form, are on Babylonian stones dating back to 1100 B.C.  They have recognizable symbols for Sagittarius, Capricorn and Scorpio carved into them.  After the fall of Babylonia, astrologers moved their schools. The science of astrology moved to Egypt, Greece, and Rome, as well as to the Orient.  The structure of astrology, as we practice it today, was fixed by the Romans during the time of Christ’s birth.  As we approach Christmas day, think about the three wise men who found baby Jesus.  They were following the star of David.  These wise men were called “magi”, which means astrologer.  Much of the art found in monasteries,churches, cathedrals and abbeys reflects the acceptance of astrology into the church doctrine.  Even the Vatican is amply decorated with astrological themes, as is the cathedral of Notre Dame.  So during this holiday season, consider the connection between astrology and Christmas, and I wish all of you a safe and happy end to 2014.