Jul 192016

0fed02d20b9513f3f3b12fcd27b79d2dIf anyone is interested in visiting Rancho La Puerta this summer, consider coming the week of August 27th, 2016!  I will be at this gorgeous Mexican spa until September 3rd teaching astrology.  If you want to come, email me directly to get 5% off the best rate, plus a $250 gift certificate and a room upgrade if available. The summer is my favorite time at the Ranch.  Lots of outdoor dining, pool activities, and relatively cool weather compared to Florida.  The high mountain climate keeps things pleasant.  Hope to see you there!

Jul 172016
Animal - South American - Crustacean - Crab -  (4)-650x1000


To all my fellow Crabs out there….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Of all the Zodiac signs, we are probably the most sensitive.  We have that hard shell that protects our softness inside.  Slow to get angry, we will always dart back into our holes when we feel unsafe. If you pick on us, we will pinch you with our Crab claws, but it takes a lot for that to happen.  We are ruled by the Moon, which represents emotions.  Everything about us relates to our feelings.  You either love this sensitivy about a Crab or you find it smothering.   Most Crabs love hanging out with other Crabs.  We tend to intuitively “get” each other.  If you are a Crab out there, have you ever noticed you have a lot of Cancerian friends?  Make a comment below and tell me if you have noticed a preponderance of Crabby pals.