Mar 182016

Bernie SandersAccording to the astrology chart of Bernie Sanders, this is a man meant to be in service, which he has been for most of his life.  The most prominent quality in his chart is his intellect.  Bernie has a sharp mind.  Whether you like his viewpoints or not, no one can take away the fact that this man is extremely intelligent.  His intellect is the driving force behind his soul’s purpose.  His Mercury in Libra indicates a person who likes things to be fair and balanced.  Almost everything he talks about is wrapped up in the concept of fairness.  His Mercury trines (a positive aspect) both Saturn and Uranus.  This means he is able to have practical and visionary thoughts at the same time.  On top of that, his Mercury sextiles (another positive aspect) his Pluto, which indicates a deep thinker.   Any of us would be considered very lucky to be born with just one of these aspects.  The fact that he has all three is pretty impressive.  He is far more of an Aries in spirit, than a Virgo, which is his Sun sign. In fact, you barely get a sense that he is a soft and gentle Virgo. This is because his Moon and Mars are in Aries.  You can feel his Aries (fire) energy when he walks.  He is determined.  When he talks about what moves him, he is very fiery at an emotional level.  Anyone who has Moon and Mars in Aries does not stop. They are direct and forceful. They want to fix things.  For a man of his age, he is like a ram (the animal associated with Aries) as he puts his head down and charges forward.   Watch how he physically moves. He does not walk, he actually plows through space.  Bernie does not have any planets in water signs.  Whenever there is a missing element, there is a quality of genius to those individuals. However there is also that imbalance.   If you remember in an earlier post, I mentioned that Donald Trump does not have any earth in his chart.  So with Bernie, lacking water, it means he can sometimes appear dry and not overly emotional.  I would imagine that Bernie is not one to cry easily.  Everything with him is processed through that extremely active brain of his.  Emotions do not rule his actions. Logic does.  Bernie Sanders has an interesting combination of influences on his natal chart on Election Day. Uranus, the plant of shocking change will be on both his Moon and his Mars on November 8, 2016. Furthermore, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune will be on his Mercury and Venus in the area of career and large groups of people. Mercury, which is very strong in his chart, will be right on his Ascendant that day, which indicates public speaking.  Perhaps Hillary or Donald will make him their running mate?  Weirder things have happened this election season, so who knows!

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  1. Hi Leslie, Interesting stuff on Bernie. I’d be interested in Hillary’s chart- she is so tenacious and I think also a Humanitarian, but sometimes comes across as holding intense grudges vs Right wingers, which is no doubt true, but will hamper her in working with Congress and senate. // Trump having no earth, hmm/ no brain either……just terrible that people fall for his bravado. I’ll catch up with you soon. Anne

  2. Thanks, Leslie for this insightful reading of the chart of a very inspiring and authentic candidate. It confirm the appealing qualities that he projects in the campaign. I happen to know his step daughter who is my yoga instructor and she is a wonderful person and reflects well on him. Have you posted your readings of Trump or Hillary? It would be interesting to compare them, if that is not getting too political on your part.
    All the Best to you!

  3. Hi Gay,

    Thanks for your kind words. That is cool that you know his step daughter. I did a posting of Trump’s chart. Just check on the list of recent posts and you will see it. Hillary is next!

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