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Brain-ScanRecently, I did a reading for a woman in her late 50’s who had two aspects in her chart indicating physical trauma.  The first was Pluto square her Mars.  The second was Saturn opposite her Sun.  I asked her if she had ever been physically attacked.  She told me that when she was 7, a gang of boys beat her up on the way to school.  This brutal attack led to a whole host of emotional issues, around not feeling safe. Many of you know I am a big fan of EMDR therapy.  I suggested this therapy for my client.  I told her that by physically going into the brain, and releasing this early trauma, her current life issues would become more manageable.  I believe past wounds influence our current life situations. I am all about healing bad memories so we can move forward.  Scientists have done scans of the brain, before and after EMDR therapy.  The brain actually changes after doing EMDR, and the patient is able to release traumas that get physically stuck inside the body.  There is a new book, that just came out, that explains what EMDR is, and how it works.  Even more importantly, it explains the spiritual side of the healing process. Anyone who is interested in removing any traumas, or any unwanted patterns of thinking, should read this book. The title is UNBURDENING SOULS AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT, by Dr. Andrew Dobo. EMDR works quickly, and in my opinion, more efficiently that regular talk therapy.  The reason for this is that EMDR works at the physical level of the brain.  If any of you have experienced EMDR therapy, let me know how it helped.  Please spread the word that there is hope out there for folks who are going through difficult times.



  1. Hi Leslie: you may not remember but you suggested it to me about a year or so ago. The only type available in Boise was using vibration paddles in each hand rather than using eye movement. The rest of the format is similar and it worked very well. Although I am still unable to recall a serious trauma from my early childhood it did help with a number of other stress related items I was dealing with. I just downloaded the book to read and will be contacting you in January to update my yearly charting (cannot think of the actual name of it right now). Hope life is great!

  2. Hi Leslie
    EMDR looks very interesting. I’ve not experienced serious trauma, but certainly minor traumas throughout my life. I think I’ll get the book. On a different subject, what about the recent “blood” full moon in Aries and the eclipse and Mercury in retrograde? Is this relationship significant? I’ve read from another astrologer that we should expect our “shadow” to appear and should acknowledge it, embrace it, and learn from it. Do you have any insights about this and what does it mean in plain English?
    Thanks, Carol

    • HI Carol,

      That eclipse and the Full Moon was super duper intense. You will feel the ramifications from it for about two weeks. A lot of mucky things tend to come to the surface during these times. It is true what your other astrologer said about the shadow appearing. The cool thing is that with everything rising to the top, things can get resolved. But is any of this easy? Heck No! Time for a lot of self care, that is for sure.

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