Jan 222015

I just finished a reading for a client who had a significant astrological aspect indicating trauma.  As is often the case, the person said that nothing really bad had happened to them….that she could remember!  Another clue that there was trauma, was that she could not remember anything before the fifth grade.  The chart always tells the true story.  I have to be patient, and wait for the client to eventually reveal the memories.  What happens is that many people tend to bury the painful memories in order to survive.  Just as my client was preparing to leave, she remembered a trauma.  It was significant.  Sometimes as astrologers we just have to be patient, and allow the thoughts to percolate.  The beauty of astrology is that the chart will show things that a psychotherapist could never know.  A good astrologer has the ability to allow the truth to bubble to the surface for healing.  An astrologer can’t facilitate the healing, in the way that a therapist is trained to do, but an astrologer can find the root causes of many traumas.  I have always felt that astrology is fantastic to use in conjunction with psychotherapy, and especially in conjunction with my favorite tool for trauma – EMDR.  To find out more about EMDR, check out the videos of Dr. Andrew Dobo on You Tube.  Let me know if you’ve experienced EMDR and help spread the word about this amazing technique to help heal emotional wounds.  And don’t forget that Mercury went retrograde on January 21st.  Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, so wherever Aquarius is in your chart is where you will feel the “backward” motion.  It goes direct on February 11, so just mark it in your calendar.  (You can read earlier posts about Mercury retrograde to get the feeling tone of this period.)

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  1. Leslie, love that photo of the two guys on the bicycle! What does “going direct mean” in terms of Mercury retrograde on Feb 11 th? Aquarius is my sun sign, so should I be worried? I have a house purchase in negotiation! Thanks, and all the best to you in 2015. Gay

    • Hi Gay, When Mercury no longer appears to be going “backwards” it goes “direct”, which means it now appears to be going “forward”. I believe you should never live your life totally on what one planet does, or doesn’t do. You could have Mercury retrograde but also have several golden aspects that make this the perfect time to buy a house. I would really need to look at your chart to see what is going on. Also, if you were born with Mercury retrograde, then these retrograde periods are when you should make hay while the sun shines. Hope this helps!


  2. Great post. There is something so intriguing about “allowing the truth to bubble to the surface.” Nice deep thoughts my Plutonium friend. Thank You.

  3. hey so my ascending, neptune, and uranus are in aquarious! so far there’s been a snowstorm in new york, my house had a black out, and i just got sick!! would you say it’s due to those aspects? and what else does this mean?

    • Hi Alison,
      These things are all probably due to Mercury retrograde in Aquarius.
      Hope you are feeling better. Mercury goes direct on the 11th, so hang in there!

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