Nov 062014

A major principle of astrology is the idea that “As above, so below.”  In quantum physics, this means that what applies to the solar system also applies to the smallest atom.  We human beings are just little pieces of the universe.  The ancients believed the study of the stars, and planets, is basically a study of the inner workings of a human being.  This isn’t a crazy idea, when you consider that everything evolved from the stars from the Big Bang.  Carl Jung was hugely into the study of astrology.  He did an analysis of astrology to figure out its connection with synchronicity.  He studied 483 married couples and checked out the way their birth charts worked together.  He found that long lasting relationships had a certain astrological pattern which were found to be three times higher than the rate of coincidence.  Have any of you experienced the gift of astrology in determining compatibility either from a reading with me or someone else?  I believe astrology can save us a lot of heartaches.  The astrological wheel is a beautiful tool for understanding our place in the cosmos, and with each other.

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  1. Leslie, thanks for letting me experience the gift of astrology this past weekend. You have an amazing grasp of the science behind astrology — and now have this super logical prove it to me person believing there really must be something to it. Now I’m hungry to learn more about it and how it can be a tool to help me and so many others seeking self enlightenment. Thank you!

  2. very interesting. makes sense.

    thanks, LMG!

    • Hi Janet!
      Glad you found it interesting. The more you learn about astrology the more facinating it gets!
      It’s like going into a rabbit hole of wonder.


  3. Your greatest gift, Leslie, is to read the charts of people with their compatibilities and conflicts. You are then able to explain how best to make these gifts and challenges actually cooperate for the benefit of all involved. I think our congressional constituents could use you on capital hill:)

  4. The EMDR sessions worked! Even though they were different than what we spoke about (this was using a vibrating paddle in each hand), it took virtually all of my anxiety away. I’m trying to get my wife to do it now – your Idaho client…..

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