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If Robin Williams had come to me for an Astrology reading last week, I would have told him two major things.  First, Jupiter right now, is on his midheaven.  The midheaven is where you meet the outside world.  When the planet of expansion and good fortune sits up there, at the top of the chart, it means your name is in lights, and you are often noticed in a big way by a large audience. How ironic that it is through his death that this has occurred, and not through his brilliant work.  But in some ways it is perfectly timed, because right now he is probably bigger than he ever was…. and that is saying a lot since he was like a human meteroite. His career was headed for a time of great expansion and success. Whatever he was currently working on, might end up being one of his biggest hits.  The second thing I would have told him, is that Neptune is on his Moon. This is never an easy transit for someone suffering from addictions, because Neptune rules drugs and alcohol.  The Moon is your sensitive soft spot in a chart.  It is where you are emotional.  His Moon is in Pisces and if you look at this photo of him (it is very Neptunian to want to hide) his eyes are super soft and gentle.  This was a very tender hearted and emotionally kind man. When Neptune sits on anyone’s Moon it makes us emotionally unclear.  You can feel like drowning, or it can also mean intense creativity. It can also mean both at the same time.  One of my master teachers told me the other day, “When the planets come to visit, it is like having people over for dinner.  It can either go well or not.  It depends on how you treat them, what you feed them, and what guests you sit them next to.” So this transit did not have to be tragic.  An Astrologer can never tell how these “dinner guests” will behave.  Because his Moon is in the part of his chart relating to his home, I have a feeling something was profoundly sad or confusing for him at home.  We may never know why he took his life.  This was a man with such a sensitive soul that he clearly couldn’t take whatever pain he was dealing with. How ironic that he was born with only one planet in an Air sign, and he died from lack of air.  And guess which planet that was?  Neptune, of course.  His Neptune is in Libra, and Neptune is also locked up in his 12th house of secrets.  So what little Air he did have was not easy for him to access.  People with low Air often have trouble getting perspective.  They are not always light and breezy, and it is not simple for them to get the bird’s eye view on a situation.  Robin Williams was a very close friend of Christopher Reeve, who said the only reason he didn’t commit suicide (after his paralyzing accident) was because of the love of his wife.  If there is love, we can endure almost anything. Christopher Reeve said, “Your body is not who you are.  The mind and the spirit transcend the body.”  Robin Williams’ body may be gone, but his spirit lives on in his children, and in his incredible body of work, which will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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  1. well done Leslie! loved the article and him…….

  2. thank you Leslie perfectly explaned as always.

  3. Thanks! He has a beautiful and facinating chart. I am sorry he is gone :(

  4. Thanks Leslie. Suicide is so mysterious and one can rarely know when the event will occur, but there are always signs which most people see, yet are so uncomfortable with the idea, that they ignore the signs and hope for the best. The interview that is being shown on the TV with Robin, Billie Crystal and Whoopie Goldberg is a great example of someone who was living “hell” inside…….and yet the other guests laughed……but I know they weren’t really laughing at all. We always see the Comedy and Tragedy masks together. There is a reason for that and it’s deeper than the paint on the mask or face. Robin made everyone he met feel special……..all along not “feeling” especially “special himself….until now…….as you alluded to……he is very special now…….and it ends there.

  5. Thank you Leslie for a very compassionate and insightful analysis. It is so sad to loose him!

  6. Leslie, as I read through your exposition of where the “dinner guests” sat at the time of this fine mans death, I was stuck when you spoke of his home life.
    I saw a picture of his current wife and I had that hit. That is not a reflection on her, but rather on Robin Williams. He seemed to have had a mountain to climb right now, with her, (a huge opportunity) and he turned aside.
    As you know, he also turned away from his daughter at this moment. My thought is that whatever the demon road he felt he must follow, it must have been great, huge, to overcome the love of this father for his daughter.

  7. Beautifully and sensitively written Leslie.

  8. Your comments on Robin Williams are so profound. I understand him not being able to pull himself out of “his darkness” and it is truely sad that those who loved him didn’t have a chance to help him. He made so many HAPPY in this lfe and I think as sad as his passing, he will help the crowds of people who sink into that deep darkness to maybe requestion death & choose to live.

  9. Very nicely said

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