Jun 182014

News Flash!  In case you haven’t noticed, this Mercury Retrograde period seems more pesky than usual. That is because Mercury Retrograde is doing a somewhat bothersome dance routine with Mars opposite Uranus. I heard a great quote about awkward dancing:  “A vertical frustration born to a horizontal desire.”  When you take the planet of aggressive energy (Mars), and put it against the planet of unexpected events (Uranus), it feels like two opposing forces fighting to take the lead. Think of this Mars/Uranus opposition as if you are the guy on the back of this unusual bicycle.   And the Mercury Retrograde adds to this feeling of going in reverse. Just hold onto your handlebars. Try to enjoy the scenery, because you don’t have that much control. Fortunately, with Mercury Retrograde it is usually just annoying delays and communication problems. It’s all over when we get to July.  Let me know if this Mercury Retrograde feels more intense for you!


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  1. Thanks for this, I feel like I’m on a theme park ride, holding on for dear life right now, and I wish I could get off!

    • Yes, I’ve been experiencing more “electronic glitches” than usual with cellphones, lost voicemail messages, and numerous computer email fatalities. Add in those tempermental modems and routers and I’m ready to trade all that in for a newly sharpened No. 2 lead pencil and the latest
      lifetime postage stamp… Mercury in Retrograde indeed… in the meantime I’m looking for July to arrive. Thanks…

    • Hang in there Samantha! This too shall pass!

    • So why is everything falling in a positive space for us this month??? Is this that Golden Aspect you mentioned would happen in June? Unbelievable coincidences and opportunities opening up… not going to question the planets.. maybe they are confused and it REALLY is a GOOD time instead of weird!!!

      • Yes my dear Lyle…..If you have golden aspects then you are flying high above what the rest of us are dealing with. Make hay while the sun shines!!! Glad you are doing so well…yippee!

    • Just a couple more days!

  2. I’m going to take your advice and just hold on and enjoy the scenery which is difficult for a control person (dare I say control freak???) like me! Thanks, Leslie for putting the universe into an understandable perspective!

  3. With Summer Solstice on the horizon its important for us to hold on to our intentions despite feeling pulled backwards. The energy of the Sun is strong and we must stay focused on the Light. Thank you Leslie for this tip on present moment awareness!

  4. story of my life – two steps forward one step back!! or is it one step forward, 2 steps back!!

  5. Yes…….little annoyances, but Scorpio here is rising above it all…..and chatting with the Universe to minimize any real impact!!

  6. What a great explanation of something I am totally feeling! The photo is also a perfect visual! Can’t wait for June to end, and, your next post.

  7. Looking forward to July! Thanks for a great explanation for the current chaos!

  8. so that explains it!!!

  9. Thanks Leslie,

    Love your blog!

    I find your posts very beneficial.

  10. Review, reflect, revise, revamp….in other words slow down and be careful during a Mercury Retrograde. Great illustration of the way it feels right now!

  11. As they say “this too will pass”! It’s great to have this perspective as so much seems inexplicable from time to time. Thanks Leslie!

  12. That would explain a *lot* of things happening with me lately. Come on July!!! However, now that I know why things are the way they are, I will sit back and try to “enjoy the ride” in June while it’s here… 😉

  13. and it hasn’t really started!!!

  14. Hi Leslie, LOVE your vertical/horizontal comment about dancing! Clumsy dancing can be hysterical to watch and not fun at all to do, so I’m pulling up a cosmic chair and sitting on the sidelines until Mars and Uranus stop stepping on each other’s feet!
    When exactly will their dance be over anyway?!

    • Hi Terah! Glad you liked that dancing quote. It fits, doesn’t it? So this Mercury Retrograde period will intensify June 26-30.
      Then it stations on July 1st, and starts moving forward on July 2nd

  15. Love the visual with the picture… Major upheavals in my home with a water leak that has lead to mold discovery and remodeling to come. Moving into rental soon. Mars / Uranus at work?

  16. And I thought it was just me!! Thanks for reminding me, Leslie, that sometimes I just have to hold on for the ride 🙂 It is always great to get your perspective! xo

  17. Thanks for the heads up Leslie, always enjoy the information you share 🙂

  18. Leslie, I’ve written 2 comments and both wiped away before I could send them. Talk about things getting screwed up, unbelievable. My ex husband and daughter-in law didn’t attend my grandson’s graduation due to communication difficulties. July can’t come fast enough. Sandy

  19. Dear Leslie,
    I so appreciate your explananations of what’s going on with the planets and why things might feel so wonky right now!! I too value your perspective!

  20. OMG! Thank you for explaining what is going on. I LOVE the photograph of the bicycle. So perfect as to how we all feel! Cheers to July! Cheers to Leslie!

  21. To say crazy things have been happening is an understatement for me!!!

  22. Thanks Leslie, it really helps to get some understanding to influences at play. I can relate to this picture, as always you manage to create a vision that explains beyond words. Now I move forward somewhat more at ease. Thank You!

  23. yeah – reads that way to me – more energy and more surprises. I’m taking your advice: just breath, don’t react right away. thanks!

  24. Thank you for the update and the picture explains it all. Love it! It’s helped me put things in perspective.

  25. Wow… thanks again Leslie for timely advice. There is nothing overt, no big bump in the road. However, suddenly everything has slowed down as if it has all taken a molasses bath. It is all moving forward, but slowly dear seeker, slowly.

  26. You make it so easy to understand ! Thanks for the head up and I just love the photograph!!!! July 1 cannot come soon enough 🙂

  27. Don’t know why I decided to reorganize my office when you suggested not to start any new projects. I’m now surrounded by STUFF but all I want to do is be outside playing with my dogs! Maybe I’ll get to the STUFF in July. Thanks Leslie!

  28. Coming or going? Forwards or Backwards? I’m not sure that it really matters in the bigger scheme of things, but one thing is for sure, it’s definitely been a bit of a wild ride these last few days 🙂

  29. When electrical devices starting going “Kaflooey” I am always reminded that I need to concentrate on my personal relationships face to face……Show up in person and relax in my own truth…..Leslie’s classes and chart reveal new awareness-es… can’t wait for the webinar!!!

  30. Sometimes you just need to go for the ride.

  31. Being a technology teacher, this certainly explains all the glitches that of been happening lately with all the hardware devices! School will be out next and July is just around the corner. Good thing since my birthday falls in July and I don’t want any chaos during this special time of year!

  32. Yup, it’s definitely been noticeable!!!

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