Jun 132014



It’s back!  Mercury Retrograde!  How “sweet”!  Gremlins will now move into your computer, your phone, your car, your refrigerator, your calendar, and on and on.  Everything feels “kafooey”, and we have it for the whole month of June, into early July.  Plus, Friday is a Full Moon so things will intensify.  Today my home phone kept disconnecting, for no apparent reason.  Then I called another friend on my cell phone, and she said electric shocks were coming through her phone.  Tonight a thunderbolt shook my entire house.  Always remember these Mercury Retrograde periods are mildly irritating.  They are like Gremlins…cute, in a sort of obnoxious way.

  9 Responses to “Mercury Retrograde Again!”

  1. I am giggling just a little reading this. Everything in our house went kafluy today – smile.

    • Yikes is Right! Awesome class Leslie- I can now at least look at a chart and go yikes too! It helps to deal with these quirky times when you know why it is all crazy and that it’s temporary!!


  2. Hi Leslie

    Your always awesome. My first grandchild was born 6/9. I can’t wait for you to do his chart. It’s interesting about what you said about Mercury. It seems everybody on my neighborhood blog was talking about their computer shutdowns, TV shutdowns, etc.

    Look forward to seeing you in San Diego.

  3. So that’s what I’m feeling is called…kafooey! Thanks, Leslie for putting a name to it…what a great “word”..hope I don’t have to use it very often…smile 🙂

  4. Hi Leslie,

    I am SO over Mercury being in retrograde! I missed a train, and almost lost my favorite denim jacket!!
    LOVE your take on the situation!

    When you did my chart 4 years ago, it changed my life. I am ready for a transit reading!

    Love, Gail xoxox

  5. This is EXACTLY how this Mercury Retrograde feels Leslie! Brilliant as usual…gg

  6. OMG! I love the pic in this story….. love that little gremlin! you need to find one for your next astrology class as one of your props!

  7. HI Leslie

    Love the picture – so cute and creative just like you ! It is such a crazy time – love you posts


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