Feb 162014

So far, so good, with the Olympics.  Fingers crossed that my last post about the Olympics holds true. While watching the Games, I have been curious about what President Vladimir Putin’s chart looks like. He is one unusual dude! In my search for a photo of him at Sochi, I was facinated by the fact that he rarely shows his teeth when he smiles.  He has Scorpio rising, and sometimes it can give that smoldering appearance.  But it is probably more the fact that his Libra sun is conjuct Saturn.  That will add more seriousness to the person.  Anyone with Sun/Saturn is hard on themselves and a bit tough. And sometimes VERY tough.  He has four planets in Libra.  Libra can be charming, calm, and peace loving, but it can also be icy and cold. It is the only Zodiac sign that is neither human or animal.  The negative of a Libra is that they can be heartless.  Remember, this is just a possible negative aspect of the sign.  All signs have the potential to go to a high level or a low level. All of these planetary forces would explain why his smiles are not very big or cheerful. His Pluto (planet of death and rebirth) is on his midheaven (where he meets the world) and it trines (positive aspect) his Mars (his male energy).  This is one seriously powerful man!  His Mars in the fiery Sagittarius makes him very much a warrior.  The fact that this is making a strong aspect to his fiery Pluto means he is complete warrior.  He is not someone you would want on your bad side.  His Moon is in the airy Gemini, making him intellectual with his emotions. His Moon is not making any aspects to other planets.  When this happens, the Moon behaves like Tarazan.  Look at all the photos of him barechested on a horse!  That is very Tarazan-like!  That is who he really is.  Ironically, his Moon is in his house of sexuality, making it a very emotional topic for him.