Jan 212014

sochi-2014-logoThere is a lot of concern about a terrorist attack during the winter Olympics in Sochi. I decided to take a look at the astrological aspects in Sochi for the opening and closing ceremonies. The aspects for the opening ceremonies set the tone for the entire life of the winter games.  Even though we still have the Uranus Pluto square  (high tension) in effect, I believe the games will be successful and safe.  The reason I say this is because there is a golden aspect (good fortune) for both the start and the finish of the games. This is very good news. The birth of the games will have very male dominant energies.  I imagine it will be about showing strength.  The moon that night is in Taurus, which is soft and feminine.  However, all the aspects to the moon are not easy ones.  There will be very little vulnerability that night.  The female energy will be hidden. There is a very strong sense of illusions and delusions for that evening.  Perhaps there will be a lot of masks, and hidden secret things, and perhaps even eerie or ethereal music.  It will probably be a beautiful display, but cold, and I don’t mean just in temperature.  The Russians will let everyone know they mean business.  It’s going to be a showcase of their power. Then on the closing ceremonies it is completely different.  It is as if the Russians can put down their masks (and their armour) and let their softness and warmth show.  The closing and opening ceremonies will be totally different in terms of the feeling tone.  Take a look at the logo.  The “hi” at the end of the word Sochi, is reversed to make the 14, at the end of 2014.   Just like the opening and closing ceremonies, each will be the reverse of the other.  Let’s see if I am right!