Nov 072013

Neptune_FullI did a chart for a client yesterday, and her husband has his Moon squaring Nepture.  This is often a sign of a person who battles with addictions.  She recently found out that he has a secret addiction, which greatly disturbs her.  She asked, “Is this permanent?  Will I always have to worry about his addiction?  He said he has stopped, but I don’t trust him.”   Just because something is difficult in a chart, doesn’t mean it has to be permanent.  If the individual knows they have this tendency, they just have to be more careful.  It’s like a high strung terrier that wants to bark at the UPS driver. Everything in that dog’s makeup is hard wired to go bonkers when a delivery person arrives.  The dog can be trained to stop this behavior, but it won’t be easy.  We all have challenges in our charts.  Moon square Neptune is one of the tougher ones, because it not only often causes addictive behaviors, but often the individuals will have a tendency to lie, in order to cover up their actions.  This doesn’t have to be the case ( if there is self awareness) but the pattern is there.  The planet Neptune can’t support life, just as addictions do not support life. According to NASA Neptune is a “gas giant”, and it doesn’t have a solid surface. When we step into the Neptune is our chart, it is where we can get delusional.  However on a positive side, without the solid surface, we can take off into inner and outer realms of creativity and imagination.   If you know where Neptune is in your chart, check to see if that area of your life is where you may have some fantasties, that are not based on reality.  Also check to see where Neptune is transiting your chart.  It will be an area where people show up who are either liars, addicts, or super creative, mystical, and romantic.  We always want to vote for the later!