Oct 132013

YIKES!   This month of October is nuts!  Lots of unpredictable high strung squirrel energy!  Everyone is feeling the tremendous anxiety. Just look at what is happening in Washington DC!   Anyone with their Sun or Moon in Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn will tend to be getting the brunt of it, but we are all being hit.  I have had many clients telling me about strange happenings.  One woman fell off her bike and landed in the bushes.  The next day she fell again.  Another friend broke her toe.  At least three pals have had breakups with their boyfriends, which were totally out of the blue.  Two other clients found out they were pregnant and it shouldn’t have been possible in both cases.  It is a time of breakthroughs, breakdowns, and breakups .You can catch a lucky break and your can also just have a break. Please hold onto you little Squirrel Nutkin hats, because it’s a bumpy rodent ride all month.  Especially on Oct 17th with the full moon lunar eclipse. As if we didn’t have enough already!  Get grounded.  Stay balanced.   We usually feel these eclipses 2 days before and 4 days after.  And then Mercury goes retrograde on Oct 21st until Nov 10th…so things might not go as planned.   Remember, it’s just weather so my suggestion is to just be aware.   The Native Americans knew that squirrels had wisdom to teach us about using time and energy properly.  If you find yourself feeling like a squirrel on steroids, just be careful.  Waste nothing on negativity.  Listen to soothing music.  Eat nothing out of a box or can. Stay connected to the earth and all will be well.

  2 Responses to “October is Squirrely!”

  1. I love the visual of a little squirrel. And how they gather their nuts then hibernate. In hibernation great things are born…so as squirrelly as things may get, and they have been, I’m still gathering nuts for what’s to come…thanks for the reminder of this wise little creature.

  2. Karen, that is a beautiful symbolic way of working with difficult energies. Lots of people are feeling very anxious, and we just have to focus on the things in front of us.

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