Oct 222013


I have had some requests from clients regarding what I REALLY think about Mercury retrograde periods. Several times a year, the planet Mercury appears to be going backwards. The key word here is “appears”.  We are in one of those times right now.  It started on Oct 21 and ends on Nov 10th. When folks talk about how everything goes wrong during a Mercury retrograde period, they are somewhat correct.  Think about what happens when you walk backwards.  It’s healthy to move the muscles in new ways, and by walking backwards you get a new viewpoint.  This isn’t a negative thing.  But you might bump into something, if you are not looking over your shoulder.  So my advice, during Mercury retrograde is to be extra on guard.   Be alert and make sure everything is as right as it can be.  Some of us were born during a Mercury retrograde period.  I am one of those people. During these times, it’s as if I am finally moving with the crowd….in a backward sort of way.  So things actually work out for me, since I am going with the overall flow.  As soon as it goes direct, I actually feel the way most of the world does when it is retrograde.   I think I am so used to this energetic reversal, that I don’t really worry about it one way or another. However for those of you born during a Mercury direct (going forward) period, you might feel these retrograde times in a more pointed way.  Hope this makes sense!  Let me know what your experiences have been!  The only way to understand Astrology is by personally experiencing it.

Oct 132013

YIKES!   This month of October is nuts!  Lots of unpredictable high strung squirrel energy!  Everyone is feeling the tremendous anxiety. Just look at what is happening in Washington DC!   Anyone with their Sun or Moon in Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn will tend to be getting the brunt of it, but we are all being hit.  I have had many clients telling me about strange happenings.  One woman fell off her bike and landed in the bushes.  The next day she fell again.  Another friend broke her toe.  At least three pals have had breakups with their boyfriends, which were totally out of the blue.  Two other clients found out they were pregnant and it shouldn’t have been possible in both cases.  It is a time of breakthroughs, breakdowns, and breakups .You can catch a lucky break and your can also just have a break. Please hold onto you little Squirrel Nutkin hats, because it’s a bumpy rodent ride all month.  Especially on Oct 17th with the full moon lunar eclipse. As if we didn’t have enough already!  Get grounded.  Stay balanced.   We usually feel these eclipses 2 days before and 4 days after.  And then Mercury goes retrograde on Oct 21st until Nov 10th…so things might not go as planned.   Remember, it’s just weather so my suggestion is to just be aware.   The Native Americans knew that squirrels had wisdom to teach us about using time and energy properly.  If you find yourself feeling like a squirrel on steroids, just be careful.  Waste nothing on negativity.  Listen to soothing music.  Eat nothing out of a box or can. Stay connected to the earth and all will be well.

Oct 082013

Teaching at Rancho La Puerta SpaDuring the week of September 21, I taught my creativity program, along with an interactive Astrology workshop, at the Rancho La Puerta spa in Mexico.  Many of my students were only familiar with the horoscopes you see in newspapers or magazines.  That is predictive Astrology.  It is like listening to a meterologist.  It’s good to know weather patterns. The type of Astrology that I practice is more about how to be comfortable inside your skin, and how to be compassionate with others.  I teach Astrology as a way of understanding your wiring system….and also the different wiring systems of those around you.  Some people in our lives are wired so differently than the way we are.  Without understanding these differences there can be friction.  Everyone has a specialized operating system.  We can’t expect everyone to be just like us.  It’s like trying to get a Mac computer to behave like a PC.  It’s not going to happen.  People are what they are.  An Astrology chart shows us our basic nature.  However, it is our choice as to what we do with what we are given.  Some people have very complicated wiring systems.  They are like fancy sports cars.  Fun to drive and quite rare, but if they ever have a mechanical problem, it might be hard to find the right mechanic and it’s probably going to be expensive.  This is neither good or bad.  Just as a Volvo or a Ford Taurus have their own special positive and negative features.  One student, at Rancho La Puerta, asked me to suggest some beginner books about Astrology.  I sadly did not have a lot of options for her, since most of the books I love are too advanced for a beginner.  My goal is to write that great beginner’s Astrology book!  It is in the works!  But in the meantime, try INNER AND OUTER SPACE by Caroline Casey, and have fun reading anything by the late Linda Goodman.  She has a great way of describing the essence of the Zodiac signs.  My favorite authors are Liz Greene, Stephen Arroyo, and Robert Hand.  I always tell people to go to a bookstore and check out all the books in the Astrology section.  See what calls to you.  Do you have any book suggestions for a beginner?  I’d love to have you post your suggestions here!