Sep 152013

The-Pied-Piper-of-Hamelin-007People often get nervous when they see empty sections of their birth chart.  They think, “Oh no!  There is nothing in my house of money, so no wonder I am always broke.”   This is not the case at all.  In fact, I look at empty spots as free parking spaces.  You don’t have to worry too much about that area of life.  That part of your life should take care of itself, as long as you don’t get stuck perseverating on that issue.  A client of mine, who saw an astrologer when she was in her twenties, was told she would have difficulties finding a husband because her seventh house of partnerships was empty.  This stuck in her head and she believed it.  Now in her forties and single, I had to tell her it was not true at all.  An astrologer must be very careful with his or her words. Even if there was something difficult in her house of partnerships, there would be great lessons and if mastered, then great gifts would follow.   I tell my clients to always realize one’s chart is to be transcended.   You are supposed to learn lessons and move on.  I have Saturn the planet of hard lessons in my house of creativity.  It wasn’t easy getting my first book published.  In fact, it took 13 years, which is very Saturnian.  Nothing comes easy where Saturn is placed in the chart, but Saturn is fantastic!  Once you get the lesson, you have great success. Now I have 20 children’s picture books published and teach workshops on creativity.   Always remember that astrology is an incredibly useful navigational tool.  A great astrologer will help you follow the path where there is a graceful flow.