May 262013
Full Moon over the ocean in Vero Beach Florida

Full Moon over the ocean in Vero Beach Florida

When the moon is full, we feel the gravitational pull between the sun and the moon.  Here is the best way to describe how a full moon works on our bodies:

Take a deep breath.  When you do this, the air is sucked in three times as much as it would be during a normal breath. So during a full moon it is the same feeling.   This translates into a heightened sense of everything. It is why dogs will howl, and perhaps why we have strange dreams, or why things seem more intense.  We are biologically connected to the cycles of the moon.  Ask any police station, or hospital about this!  What have you noticed during this current full moon?

May 202013

neptuneLately, I have had a number of clients who have Neptune near their moon.  The Moon represents your emotions. When the Moon is next to Neptune it sets up a powerful dynamic.  It suggests an incredibly intuitive person or else a person with a big tendency to lie, or hide emotional truths.  Neptune, the ruler of the underwater world, is all about imagination, fantasy and costumes. On the negative side, it represents deception and illusions. When working well with the Moon it is a highly intuitive and creative placement. When used poorly with the Moon, it represents people who lie, and wear masks. They can be slippery like a fish.  You never know where they stand.  One client who has this, told me that as a child she would lie all the time. Another told me that she never tells her boyfriend what she is really feeling. So we come in with these astrological placements, and we are meant to use the highest version of these placements.  We all have tendencies and the trick is to avoid slipping into the negative.  It is always a matter of choice.  The chart just shows where you have those tendencies. It helps to realize it is not your fault for being the way you are.  Once you have awareness, then it is up to you to raise yourself to a higher level.

May 152013


Sometimes we work really hard at making everything go the way we want it to go.  But life has other plans. This week I fostered two senior dogs. Their owner  (and my neighbor) died, and they were going to the shelter if I didn’t step in.   I found a home for one dog because of taking a right turn, instead of a left.  I made that left, and  ran into an astrology student of mine. While we were talking, a woman crossed the street and liked the dog.  That dog is now on her bed, snuggled between two humans, with four paws in the air.  The other dog is a Jack Russell named Jane. I took her for a walk downtown this morning, and went to the ATM machine.  It was broken, so I had to go inside the bank with Jane.  Because of walking inside the bank, I ended up getting connected with a woman who is now going to take Jane.  I believe it is the smallest decisions we make that have the biggest impact.   If we can stop thinking so much, and just let things happen, it is usually a good way to go.  The same is true with astrology.  Know your chart.  Know your wiring.  But just live your life.  Let it unfold the way it will.  Get out of your own way.





May 052013

Does astrology  work for pets too?  The answer is yes!  Anything that has a birthday, time and place can have an astrology chart drawn up.  In other words, anything that is birthed….which could include a pet, a new company, a country, or a new relationship etc.  When I got my Norfolk Terrier puppy, back in the early 1990’s, I did his chart even before I met him.  I saw that his chart with mine was all very  intense and not exactly easy.  However, I fell in love, and named him Pekay, after a favorite character in the novel THE POWER OF ONE.  Pekay got Lymes Disease when he was a year old, and after that he was never the same.  He became a very intense dog with soulful eyes.  I loved him deeply, but it wasn’t exactly a fun and easy relationship.    I believe we have to do what we feel is best in each moment, and I never want astrology to rule my life.  However the chart comparison between Pekay’s chart and mine was accurate. I have no regrets, but as one of my friends says, “If it’s not easy, then I don’t want it.”  There is some wisdom there.  But no matter what,  go with your gut and your intuition.