Apr 242013
The Professor

The Professor, founder of Rancho La Puerta spa in Mexico

There are sacred places on this earth, which are like heaven on earth.  The Rancho La Puerta spa in Tecate, Mexico is one of them.  At the base of the sacred Mt. Kuchumaa, the visionary Professor Edmond Szekely started this health and fitness resort in the 1940’s.  I have been extremely lucky to be a presenter there since 2000. I just returned from the Ranch, where I taught my astrology workshop.  Many of the guests knew nothing about astrology, but they took part in my classes to learn something new.  Many, including a medical doctor, and a science teacher, discovered there is perhaps more to astrology than they first thought.  I think the founder would be happy with what I am teaching his guests.   Professor Szekely wrote a book called COSMOTHERAPY, The Medicine of the Future.  In it he writes a lot about our connection with the solar system.  Did you know that crops are influenced by the moon light?  Geotropism is the study of the effect of gravity on plants.  During a full moon, the planets that grow directly up, like corn and beans, will pull towards towards the bright moonlight.

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