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I believe we make a slight error when we introduce ourselves as our Sun sign.  Don’t get me wrong…our Sun sign is important, however, I believe we truly are more our Moon sign.  Instead of introducing myself as a Cancer, I should say, “My moon is in Taurus, and by the way, my Sun is in Cancer.”  Always start with the Moon sign, when doing any chart comparisons.  It is far more of an indication of compatibility, than Sun signs.  Whatever Zodiac sign our moon was in, when we were born, explains how we process our emotions.  If your Moon is in a water sign, you are going to be far more emotional than if your Moon is in an air sign.  I explain to my astrology students that your Moon sign explains how you will emotionally react in any emotionally charged or emergency situation.  For example, if you see someone getting injured in a traffic accident, your Moon sign will explain how you will behave in that situation.  The air signs will use their minds to figure out a way to help. They will use logic and intellect. They make excellent paramedics because their emotions do not take over!  The water signs will start crying and they will want to show emotional support.  They will want to comfort and console. The fire signs will take action, become the leader and direct people to do certain tasks. They will make sure something happens fast to help the victim. The earth signs will stop traffic, and deal with the situation in practical and direct ways. They will make phone calls and find a doctor to care for the injured.   Everyone wants to help in their own way, and each has their own particular area of expertise.   There is no right or wrong in the world of astrology.  We are what we are.  Looking at your Moon sign will explain a lot about why you get along with some people more than others.   For example, if you are a child with a Moon in water, you might find it difficult having a mother with Moon in air.  The child wants homemade cookies and snuggling at bed time.  The air mother is fine with a quick kiss on the forehead and a nice bedtime story.   People who share the exact same Moon sign will feel like they have a level of safety with each other.  There is a sense that all is well.   Have you ever met someone with your same Moon sign?  Did it not feel pretty sweet?

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  1. Hello!
    I completely agree with You that the Moon sign is more important than the Sun.My Moon is in Aquarius but I do not see it. However my Uranus is in Scorpio where I totally see myself. Im talking about (of course)the dispositor. What do You think?An astrologer I know said Im a Scorpio because of this disposotor plus my Pluto and Mars are very strong in my chart and I have Virgo Ascendant with Mercury(chart ruler)in the 8th house along with Mars and Venus in the 8th house.
    Thank you for your article,I find it very accurate.Go Moon sign!He he.

    Ana 🙂

    • HI Ana,

      You ask a very interesting question. Without seeing your chart, it is difficult for me to say what is going on. However, I will stick with what I said, that your Moon in Aquarius is very important. I would want to know what aspects your Moon is making, for you to not “see it”. Is your moon intercepted or in the 12th? I think you have a sub theme of being a Scorpio, if Pluto and Mars are strong, (and for the other reasons you mention) but I would certainly not call you a Scorpio if you have Virgo rising and Moon in Aquarius. There are interesting Scorpio undercurrents in your chart for sure! I think there is a lot more going on with you than just to simply say you are like a Scorpio.If Pluto is in your first, that would make you Scorpio like….but if not, then I wonder why the Astrologer focused on that? Hope this helps!

      • Hello!

        Well my Pluto and Mars are very strong in the chart,IC and dispositor of the Moon in Scorpio,Stellium in the 8th house connected with Pluto Mars opposition(planets in the 8th are Mars,Mercury my chart ruler and Venus),Moon trine Pluto,Mars oppostion Pluto,Neptune sextile Pluto and of course the Parallels(which is pretty much the same as a conjunction)with PLuto on the Ascenadant,Sun and Saturn.And so on.But the astrologer told me IM a Scorpio the most cos I asked him which sign is the strongest in my chart,he checked my chart and told me that the Moon can be expressed through the dispositor(and I have Moon in Aquarius(so inaccurate for me)and the Uranus is in Scorpio along with Imum coeli.What is your opinion of all this?You see I see myself in Scorpio but I needed proof so I went to an astrologer.And he just confirmed my believes based on my chart.And I think that if you have a very very strong Pluto and Mars its all so very similar to Scorpio energy ergo Im a Scorpio.


        PS Thank you for answering my message,I truly appreciate it.

    • Hi Ana,

      I would agree that you have a strong Scorpio side! That Scorpio is clearly dominant. But I am really curious about the Moon of yours. Is it making any aspects? With a Moon in Aquarius, you have a strong connection with the science of Astrology, which is evident:)) The planets are like spices in a recipe. You have to make sure you pay attention to all of them, and not let the dominant ones do all the “talking”….even if they want to!

  2. Totally agree that your Moon Sign is the magic legend to your map.

    Me, Gemini with an Aries moon, my twins are hot headed and fiery, My husband Leo, with Scorpio moon, he’s my best friend and so much more. Astrology allows me to understand the world and people around me, I love it and appreciate the knowledge it gives.


  3. Hello,
    My moon sign is aquaris and my sun sign is scorpio.
    In that which is more powerful.

  4. Hey Leslie! I need your help. I’m not quite sure what my moon sign is and i don’t really have a clue at what time i was born … my mother says i was born at night but she doesn’t have a clue at what time and i really wanted to find what my moon sign is because even though my sun is in Sagittarius i sometimes i don’t know feel incomplete without knowing what my moon sign is because it just makes me feel all restless and sad and i just feel like i have to know what my moon sign is … I was born on 02/12/1997 ( 2nd December 1997 ) in Mahendragarh,Haryana,India. I would be so grateful if you could take some time out from your day and help me figure my moon out 🙁 I’m really going through a very hard time and all i wish is that i knew what my moon sign is… Will you help me ? Please. Please help me. I really need your help. Please help me 🙁 I really need your help .. i literally can’t stop thinking about this and all i want to do is figure out myself and my moon sign :'(

  5. Hey there Leslie are you still checking this? Would love some input. 🙂


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