Mar 092013


Most people have a feeling of dread when it comes to Mercury retrograde. They worry about everything going wrong. I look at it as a weather pattern that brings good things too. Yes, it is accurate to say that during a Mercury retrograde time we will have more mechanical glitches, and some minor delays with communications. Usually it is never anything too serious. After the retrograde period is over, we can more easily move forward. Think of this as a wonderful time to finish tasks that have been left undone. Think of it as backing up a step so that you can move two steps forward. This current Mercury retrograde period began on Feb 23, 2013 and it ends on March 17. The next one is June 26-July 20, and the final one of 2013 is October 21-November 10. And if you were born with Mercury retrograde in your chart, like me, then this is a great time “to make hay while the sun shines”. Write, communicate, sign contracts! Use this time well because it is a blessed time.

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  1. Thanks for the helpful information. I didn’t really ever pay attention to mercury before going to your class. It is not retrograde in my natal chart and have to admit this has been a difficult period. My car needed about $600 in repairs, my tooth cracked and needs a crown, my camper got wet inside and is growing mold and mildew. Thank goodness the retrograde is ending today.
    Leslie is an amazing teacher of astrology as well as an incredible reader, interpreter of natal charts. We are lucky to have this site.

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