Mar 172013

ancient stargazer

I have a client who refers to me as her “astrologist”.  I have always used the term “astrologer”. I wondered about the difference.  People talk about seeing their psychologist, or psychiatrist. There is something about the “ist” part that perhaps makes it seem more official and scientific. However, I believe the use of the word “astrologer” is more common.   I always say that seeing a good astrologer can save you a lot of money because a correct reading of an astrology chart zips you right to the conclusion.  Traditional therapy can take a long time to get to those core issues.  Astrology pinpoints the blessings and issues, and often the client can move ahead, knowing they are on the right path.  An astrologer is like the visual auto mechanic that does the diagnosis on the vehicle.  We check the fluid levels, and the tire pressure, and the alignment etc.  But for the actual fixing of the car, that is up to the individual, and sometimes traditional therapy is the way to go.  An astrologer can see the patterns and the overall essence of an individual, but a therapist can fine tune and rework the actual wiring.  I am especially fond of EMDR therapy for helping people get unstuck.  But I suggest you start with an astrology reading first!

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  1. I would rather consult with my Astrologer, than with my Psychologer.

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