Mar 292013

It is almost April Fool’s Day!  What can we expect on this day of pranks and nonsense?  If you are an Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra….plenty!  For ten days, the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Uranus are all conjunct in Aries. Plus, Pluto right now is squaring all those planets in Aries.  If you are an Aries, you are going to really feel energized by all these planets.  Aries has a tendency to be headstrong and just move forward with great gusto.  Right now, that “get up and go” feeling will be even stronger.  However, with Pluto coming in to curtail some of that energy, it might feel like a bit of a pull back.  The trick is to dance with the energy of the powerful Pluto.  Keep your Aries feet trotting to the music!  But if you get ahead of yourself, Pluto will keep you in check.  If you are a Cancer, Capricorn, or Libra you are all getting a dose of the above as well.  Everyone, just try to keep time with the music!


Mar 282013



During the Papal conclave, many people saw this image of the bird on the chimney.  The bird was exactly on the location were everyone watched to see either black or white smoke.  It was on that day that a new Pope was announced, and he chose the name Francis.  St. Francis is the patron saint of animals, and is often depicted with a white bird.  Perhaps this bird was a sign of what was to come?  I am not convinced that anyone knows the exact time of birth of the new Pope.  But we do know his date, year and place of birth. From that information, certain things will be true.  I believe this man will rise to the same revered status as people such as the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and even Princess Diana.  His Moon conjunct Venus in Aquarius makes him the ultimate humanitarian.  He will always want to be with and for the people, and I suspect his bodyguards will have a hard time keeping him in his Pope Mobile! His Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius makes him believe that anything is possible.  He is completely hardwired to make big changes.  I think over time we will see him become even more of a positive influence, especially for those less fortunate.  He also has Pluto opposite his Moon and Venus, along with Saturn squaring his Sun.  This means there will be people who do not like the fact that he is “rocking the boat” with all his people pleasing qualities.  A friend of mine reminded me recently that the only reason Jesus was killed was because of his ideas.  He never hurt anyone, and he was the embodiment of loving kindness.  The new Pope is a man of ideas too, and he is patently kind.  I can only know that he will make a positive difference in the area of loving compassion for the planet.

Mar 172013

ancient stargazer

I have a client who refers to me as her “astrologist”.  I have always used the term “astrologer”. I wondered about the difference.  People talk about seeing their psychologist, or psychiatrist. There is something about the “ist” part that perhaps makes it seem more official and scientific. However, I believe the use of the word “astrologer” is more common.   I always say that seeing a good astrologer can save you a lot of money because a correct reading of an astrology chart zips you right to the conclusion.  Traditional therapy can take a long time to get to those core issues.  Astrology pinpoints the blessings and issues, and often the client can move ahead, knowing they are on the right path.  An astrologer is like the visual auto mechanic that does the diagnosis on the vehicle.  We check the fluid levels, and the tire pressure, and the alignment etc.  But for the actual fixing of the car, that is up to the individual, and sometimes traditional therapy is the way to go.  An astrologer can see the patterns and the overall essence of an individual, but a therapist can fine tune and rework the actual wiring.  I am especially fond of EMDR therapy for helping people get unstuck.  But I suggest you start with an astrology reading first!

Mar 142013

I believe we make a slight error when we introduce ourselves as our Sun sign.  Don’t get me wrong…our Sun sign is important, however, I believe we truly are more our Moon sign.  Instead of introducing myself as a Cancer, I should say, “My moon is in Taurus, and by the way, my Sun is in Cancer.”  Always start with the Moon sign, when doing any chart comparisons.  It is far more of an indication of compatibility, than Sun signs.  Whatever Zodiac sign our moon was in, when we were born, explains how we process our emotions.  If your Moon is in a water sign, you are going to be far more emotional than if your Moon is in an air sign.  I explain to my astrology students that your Moon sign explains how you will emotionally react in any emotionally charged or emergency situation.  For example, if you see someone getting injured in a traffic accident, your Moon sign will explain how you will behave in that situation.  The air signs will use their minds to figure out a way to help. They will use logic and intellect. They make excellent paramedics because their emotions do not take over!  The water signs will start crying and they will want to show emotional support.  They will want to comfort and console. The fire signs will take action, become the leader and direct people to do certain tasks. They will make sure something happens fast to help the victim. The earth signs will stop traffic, and deal with the situation in practical and direct ways. They will make phone calls and find a doctor to care for the injured.   Everyone wants to help in their own way, and each has their own particular area of expertise.   There is no right or wrong in the world of astrology.  We are what we are.  Looking at your Moon sign will explain a lot about why you get along with some people more than others.   For example, if you are a child with a Moon in water, you might find it difficult having a mother with Moon in air.  The child wants homemade cookies and snuggling at bed time.  The air mother is fine with a quick kiss on the forehead and a nice bedtime story.   People who share the exact same Moon sign will feel like they have a level of safety with each other.  There is a sense that all is well.   Have you ever met someone with your same Moon sign?  Did it not feel pretty sweet?

Mar 092013


Most people have a feeling of dread when it comes to Mercury retrograde. They worry about everything going wrong. I look at it as a weather pattern that brings good things too. Yes, it is accurate to say that during a Mercury retrograde time we will have more mechanical glitches, and some minor delays with communications. Usually it is never anything too serious. After the retrograde period is over, we can more easily move forward. Think of this as a wonderful time to finish tasks that have been left undone. Think of it as backing up a step so that you can move two steps forward. This current Mercury retrograde period began on Feb 23, 2013 and it ends on March 17. The next one is June 26-July 20, and the final one of 2013 is October 21-November 10. And if you were born with Mercury retrograde in your chart, like me, then this is a great time “to make hay while the sun shines”. Write, communicate, sign contracts! Use this time well because it is a blessed time.