Jan 102013

Cancer The Crab, my sun sign

When I was 19 years old, my mother sent me to a professional astrologer in New York City. My mother knew I needed guidance and direction. Even though she knew nothing about astrology, she decided it was worth a try.

I named this site Lucky Stars because I truly can thank my lucky stars that I met that astrologer who profoundly changed my life. She gave me a road map for my future. I left her session and knew for the first time that there was a divine plan for me. She was very clear that it was up to me, to make my life the best that it could be. Her exact words were, “the stars impel, they do not compel”.

Our astrological birth charts are a unique map of our soul. Whatever was above our heads in the sky, at birth, is reflected in a chart. These planetary placements imprint into our being and we resonate with the essence of that imprint.

The stars are there to help us as navigational tools. We are all truly lucky to have this wisdom waiting for us to utilize.