Dec 162016

cover-for-xmasHappy Holidays!  As many of you know, I have been extremely busy working on my new book, THE POWER OF MERCURY.  It has arrived!  Harper Collins published it in September, and at the same time I did my TED Talk on “THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WRONG” in Hollywood CA.  I was also interviewed on COAST TO COAST radio, The Jenny McCarthy Show, Elle and Best Self Magazines and many others.  I created this book to help people understand why some people are easier for us to get along with than others.  I am not a big believer in using Sun Signs to determine compatibility.  I think the quickest way to find out if you click with someone is to find out how they communicate, how they process thoughts, what type of humor works for them, etc.   One needs to know a person’s Mercury Sign to truly understand their inner workings.  The first third of the book is about my history with astrology and how I believe it works.  The second part is about Mercury Retrograde, and why it is so important to know whether you were born during Mercury Retrograde….which my book will tell you!  The final third is about looking up your Mercury Sign and comparing it to the Mercury Signs of the people you share your life with.  I believe this book should be one of those books always by your bed.  Use it as reference guide to help you understand the people surrounding you.  If you are in the dating world, this book will save you from a lot of wondering.  You can also visit my newly designed website, where you can click on a Mercury calculator.  Just plug in anyone’s birthdate, and you will know their Mercury sign.  Also, the TED talk link is on my site.  Many of my clients have asked me to write about the results of this election.  Stay tuned!  But in the meantime, think about ordering my book for holiday gift giving!  Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to everyone!


Jul 192016
Rancho La Puerta in August

If anyone is interested in visiting Rancho La Puerta this summer, consider coming the week of August 27th, 2016!  I will be at this gorgeous Mexican spa until September 3rd teaching astrology.  If you want to come, email me directly to get 5% off the best rate, plus a $250 gift certificate and a room upgrade [Read more...]

Jul 172016
Happy Birthday Fellow Crabs!

To all my fellow Crabs out there….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Of all the Zodiac signs, we are probably the most sensitive.  We have that hard shell that protects our softness inside.  Slow to get angry, we will always dart back into our holes when we feel unsafe. If you pick on us, we will pinch you with [Read more...]

Aug 192015
Donald Trump's Astrology Chart

The Donald was born on Flag Day:  June 14, 1946.  His astrology chart is intense.  When it is good, it is very good.  When it is bad……well, let me just say that Trump is a handful.  There’s a reason his parents sent him to a military academy when he was 13.  There was something uncontrollable [Read more...]

Aug 082015

I have exciting news!  Harper Collins bought my first astrology book! It will come out Sept 13, 2016. The Harper Collins team is fantastic and I feel very fortunate. They are already getting me out there, as you can see from this July 24th live interview on the San Diego Living show.  Let me know [Read more...]